Professional Audio System for Outdoor Spaces

Sound system design and installation for
Marker 37 Marina.

ABOUT Marker 37 Marina

Marker 37 Marina at Sunset Island in Corpus Christi, Texas is a premier destination for fishing boating, live events, great food and entertainment located right on the water. The marina’s family-friendly atmosphere has provided a place where memories are made for more than 40 years, right off the JFK Causeway coming into North Padre Island.

THE Audio Sound Challenge

The challenge—help the newly renovated marina elevate their atmosphere and create a better audio and music experience with a custom audiovisual solution. We were charged with designing and installing a solution that included state-of-the-art sound system equipment that will be able to withstand the coastal elements and Mood Harmony music service for custom music for entertainment.

OUR Sound Audio Solution

Mood consultants designed a custom audio system to bring music out onto the ocean. With speakers installed along the entirety of the pier, our solution keeps toes tapping no matter where the guests go. We began with leading commercial sound system equipment, a Klipsch system with Symetrix, to provide a more durable audio system to withstand rain, wind and sea salt compared to other consumer solutions. This sound system allows Marker 37 employees to individually control the volume across every zone of the marina and delivers better sound quality in outdoor spaces and alleviates challenges of windy coastal areas.

Knowing that Marker 37 was previously using XM radio but had difficulty with it due to wind and rain, we incorporated Mood Harmony music service that allows them to make their own playlists and adapt music based on the crowd, even selecting specifically by artist.

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music for entertainment can improve guest experiences.

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