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Audio system design and installation for Museum and Event Space. 

ABOUT Briscoe Western Arts Museum AV Installation

A museum with a history of its own, the Briscoe Western Arts Museum rests along the banks of the San Antonio River Walk where it first served a public library in the 1930s. After an extensive renovation, the Briscoe opened in 2013, honoring Western heritage and the stories that shaped the West. Mood Texas was excited to work with the Briscoe to give them tools and an AV system that would bring those stories to life in an experience all their guests could enjoy.

THE Audiovisual Challenge

The challenge—provide the Briscoe Western Arts Museum a fully integrated, professional audiovisual system that is controlled wirelessly and on each floor of the museum. The Mood Texas team was tasked with creating an effective AV design and install that would not compromise the aesthetics of the beautiful space, featuring wooden ceilings. Blending professional audio equipment into the space required a custom design that was functional, high-quality and preserved the visual elements in the museum.

OUR Audiovisual Solution

Mood designers met with the team at the Briscoe to understand their needs moving forward with professional audio equipment and technology that would allow their event spaces to be more immersive and interactive. In order to enrich the experience for guests, we carefully selected equipment including specifically designed screens and projectors. We began with an upgrade to their video quality and video inputs to modern HDMI. Commercial overhead projectors and screen were installed to retract into the ceiling when not in use, controlled by a mobile control iPad. Klipsch speakers were hidden above the ceiling, with sound being ported down through small holes in the walls to produce a rich, full tone with minimal visual impact. To bring the guest experience full circle, our team installed Klipsch outdoor speakers and Technica wireless microphones to allow, achieving an effective and seamless way to host events in their indoor and outdoor space.

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