Complete Audiovisual System for Hotel

ABOUT Aloft Hotels AV Installation in El Paso

Created to shake up the traditional select service segment of the hotel industry, the Aloft brand delivers style at a steal with urban influenced, modern, open and vibrant design at an affordable price. Mood Media and Starwood Hotels have a strong existing relationship developing Aloft branding which is why we at Mood Texas were excited to work with the Aloft Hotel location in El Paso, Texas to help launch their new location.

THE Audiovisual Challenge

The challenge—help Aloft bring the vision for a unique hotel to life with a complete hotel customer experience that included music, visuals, scent and a custom system design. We were charged with creating an entirely new experience based on the needs and goals for their hotel. We designed and built an audiovisual solution that would encourage guest interaction and engagement throughout their stay.

OUR Audiovisual Solution

Mood designers developed a trendy soundtrack that captured the savvy vibe of Aloft and delivered it through a high-end Bose sound system which produces a rich, full tone with minimal hardware. Mood extended the social atmosphere by creating the W XYZ Bar experience, using music and custom digital signage visuals to foster a fashionable and fun setting. With a stunning LCD visual experience, a welcoming hotel fragrance, and an enjoyable sound, every guest is fully immersed in the Aloft experience, achieving the unique feel that Starwood envisioned from the start.

Check Out the Audiovisual Entertainment Project

See how a custom audiovisual solution complete with a sound system, music soundtrack, hotel fragrance and state of the art digital signage can take the customer service experience and hotel branding to the next level.

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