How The Hotel Industry Is Using Music To Find New Customers

In the past few months, it seems like there has been a deluge of announcements from some of the biggest brands in the travel world, with all of them declaring their interest in new and updated music-related programs. In their quest to woo younger, hipper crowds, companies like Renaissance Hotels and Hilton have decided that music is the way to reach elusive millennials. Music has been shown to be one of the things that 18-34… Read more »

Latest Music Works Research Findings


Music playing in a retail environment, such as a shop, can have a number of benefits – from making staff more relaxed and friendly to customers, to encouraging customers to spend more time and money in-store. The simple act of playing music could be enough to make a customer choose one store over another.

76% of customers agree that they feel more relaxed shopping in retail stores that play music (2) 51% of… Read more »