Sound masking creates an unobtrusive background sound similar to airflow that reduces distractions by reducing the intelligibility of human speech. Mood sound masking systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to protect privacy, reduce the perception of ambient noise, and create more comfortable spaces in your workplace.

  • Most cost-effective way to enhance privacy
  • Interact with greater confidence and confidentiality
  • Boost productivity and profits
  • Support HIPAA compliance and other privacy regulations

sound masking open office


Recent studies show that open plan speech noise distractions are the #1 facilities problem for employees. Those distractions lead to losses in employee concentration, productivity, accuracy, and satisfaction. Sound masking is a dynamic and easily adjustable way to balance out the opposing needs of today’s workforce without the high costs of alternative solutions.


Privacy in private offices, conference rooms, and board rooms may be compromised if speech can be understood by listeners outside the room. The result is distraction, productivity loss, and potentially putting sensitive company information at risk. It can create embarrassment, and in a business or other industry, it can become a huge problem. Studies have found it to be virtually impossible for facilities with conventional closed plan construction to provide confidential levels of speech privacy without the use of a sound masking system.


Having speech privacy problems in medical offices or examination rooms can become a large problem. HIPAA regulations require medical facilities to make a reasonable effort to maintain speech privacy and ensure doctor-patient confidentiality. Our systems meet HIPAA privacy regulations and increase patient comfort, even helping them sleep better. Installing a sound masking system can also have a positive impact on a facilities HCAHPS scores, leading to more favorable comparisons to other facilities and a better looking bottom line.


We recommend that the sound masking speakers be placed strategically in key areas that will have the greatest effect on the area. One of our systems design specialists will come to your business and perform a complementary site survey to determine exactly what will be needed to determine the best solution for you.